Taste the Difference

Rainbow Shave Ice

Not All Shave Ice Is Created Equal

At Ono Wai Shave Ice, we pride ourselves on delivering an authentic, awe-inspiring Hawaiian dessert experience to our customers. Our syrups are mixed in-house using ingredients shipped from our vendors in Hawaii.

Given the roots of how Shave Ice originated in Japan and migrated to Hawaii when the sugarcane workers entered the region to work sugar plantations, there’s no better place to get authentic shave ice flavors than Hawaii.

The Ordering Process

Step 1

Choose Your Size:
Kids – Small
Medium – Adult
Large - Massive

Step 2

Ice Cream At The Bottom?
Yes or No

Step 3

Show Us Your Colors
(Up to 3 Flavors)

Step 4

Top It Off
Snow Cap
Sour Spray
Rainbow Sprinkles
Li Hing Mui Powder