About Ono Wai Shave Ice

Ono Wai Shave Ice

Ono Wai Shave Ice was conceived as a result of a trip my wife and I took to Maui, Hawaii. The first full day on the island, we visited a local shop and experienced REAL Hawaiian shave ice for the first time. It was so refreshing! We immediately fell in love with the product.

That shave ice experience quickly became our daily ritual over the course of the 10 days we were on the island. Literally every day, we went to a shop and got some shave ice. What really attracted us is that the true Hawaiian flavors stood out from some of the flavors we experienced with some Italian Ice shops back home. Additionally, the texture of the shave ice was so much lighter and more appealing to us than Italian Ice.


As with most people who go on vacation and experience something great, we wanted that same experience when we returned home. Upon doing some research on Hawaiian shave ice shops in Northern Virginia, we found there were none within a 50 radius of our home. As a result, we decided to put on our entrepreneurial hats and start our own Hawaiian shave ice business.

Many years ago after graduating from college, I went to bartending school and spent some time as a part-time bartender to supplement my income. The experience of knowing how to mix flavors prompted me to develop our own proprietary shave ice flavors for our business.

Today, we currently carry 26 different flavors that we guarantee will tantalize your taste buds and have you craving more once you reach the bottom of your cup.

We look forward to serving you at some point in the near future.